Divorce Transitioning

Divorce Transitioning

Recover, Live, Renew

Physical fitness if more important than ever at this time. It give you energy, it helps to de-stress you. It helps with your self-image, self-esteem, and general sense of well being. If you have trouble getting motivated to work out, get some friends to join you in a work out club. 

How To Move Forward

Up Lift

Have a strong support system in place, 

Make time for you

Make a journal to review your past accomplishment.

Seek professional  help, someone that can listen with an objective ear.

Give yourself time to cry and let go. 

Have a me day once a month, pamper yourself.

Keep only positive supportive people around you.


We Can Change Our Future, By Changing Our Thinking

The  emotions we feel during a divorce and especially after the divorce, can be over-whelming, and all consuming. Suddenly you have the realization of the situation bearing down on  you. How do you get past the darkness? Reframing your thinking, Here is how. Takes only a few minutes. Think of something you are grateful for. . Feel the feelings, think of something you have accomplished, feel that feeling give it a sound, maybe a song that raises you to emotional high beautiful feelings. Take a minute and really feel  that. When you need to  access that you can in a moments notice

Women's Divorce Support Group


Stay tuned for my new master mind women's divorce support group.

Getting Past Abuse

We Can Work Together

We as women, unfortunately have to deal with abuse in addition to divorce, This has to be addressed, as a survivor of abuse, I can attest to the fact that this does not go  away, it can impact our ability to truly heal and move forward. Seek help, get a support system in place.


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